"Morley’s work can feel like love notes, private jokes, public secrets or a last testament.  He provides a cool tonic 
for the heat and isolation of Los Angeles. "

                                                                                                         — Frank Warren (Founder of PostSecret)

Morley is a Los Angeles-based street artist that specializes in bold, typographic posters which he wheat pastes within the urban landscape. Blending humor, hope and his unique perspective on life, Morley’s aim is to act as a friendly voice amongst the cacophony of billboarded messages and corporate slogans.

His work has been featured in The Los Angeles Times, The Huffington Post, LA Magazine, TheChive.com, LA Canvas and on television series for Comedy Central and Amazon. He has been shown in galleries around the world and he has lectured at numerous universities, Los Angeles County Museum Of Art and The Artisphere in Washington DC was featured in the AOL original docu-series "Vicariously" (video above).  

“Morley is the antithesis of street artists in Los Angeles. Where traditional taggers obscure their name in scrawled script only readable to their own, Morley prints big messages with his large bold lettering. Where most find it cool to be cryptic, Morley shares his wit in  complete sentences. Where many street artists prefer anonymity or an empowered alterego, Morley includes a plain drawing of his unglamorous self writing each ironic aphorism. His humor veers from self-deprecating to sly, his insight ranges from soul searching to silly.”

                                                                                                 — The Huffington Post

“Morley’s Musings take on nearly every subject: love, fame and everything in between.
Each [piece] is its own meditative experience.”

                                                                                                — Los Angeles Magazine

“Breaking the Mold is exactly what street art needs today, and Morley seems to be that bit of
unpretentious breath of fresh air.”

                                                                                                — Vandalog

“Morley’s pieces are much more than slogans. He has something to make you think about,

and he does this in a very effective and funny way.”

                                                                                                — Claude Crommelin (New Street Art)

“Poetic and insightful, Morley’s art captures truths, hard- ships, and the quirkiness of the human condition.”

                                                                                                — G. James Daichendt (author of Stay Up! Los Angeles Street Art)

“By turns whimsical, provocative, and transformative, Morley’s intriguing public art re-opens us to our collective

sense of wonder. I loved this book.”

                                                                                                — Davy Rothbart (Found Magazine, My Heart is an Idiot)

“Morley has a unique gift for what he does. When it comes to artists on the streets, nearly everyone uses words, but no one uses them so well. Morley’s street poetry is poignant enough to cause a person to think, and packaged short enough to be consumed in a moment. Morley is a poet of the streets. Those are our words, not his. Morley would probably find a better way to phrase it.”

                                                                                                 — MelroseAndFairax